Cyber-Seniors Corner

The Cyber-Seniors Corner was inspired by one of our very own Cyber-Seniors — Shura, who created a YouTube video which showed the world how to make a grilled cheese sandwich and corn on the cob with nothing more than a kettle and an iron.

Now it’s everyone else’s turn to share their wisdom, talent, humour, and experiences with the world! If you are an older adult and have a video that you would like to share with our audiences, send us a message at and we will guide you through the process.

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¿Cómo uzar Zoom
Grabado 19/11/2020.
How to Print From Your Device
Recorded on 11/18/2020.
How to Use Tile: Object Tracker
Recorded on 11/19/2020.
Cybersecurity: What is Artificial Intelligence
Recorded on 11/16/2020 When you are talking to Siri, Alexa...
Accessing Medicare Online
Recorded on 11/11/2020.
How to Use Audible: Audiobooks
Recorded on 11/10/2020.
How To Use Netflix
Recorded on 11/9/2020.
How to Use the Houseparty App
Recorded on 11/5/2020.
How to Use Google Calendar
Recorded on 10/29/2020.
How to Create and Send eCards
Recorded on 10/28/2020.
How to Build a Website with Wix
Recorded on 10/28/2020.
Zumba Gold with Renee Burwell-Billie
Check out Renee's studio online at Renee is the...
Zumba Gold with Renee Burwell
Check out Renee's studio online at . Renee is...
Cybersecurity with Robin Saunders: Deepfake Technology
Get access to more cybersecurity resources at Robins websites: