Cyber-Seniors Documentary - Official Trailer

Cyber-Seniors is a character-driven documentary that follows a group of initially reluctant seniors as they discover the wonders of the world-wide-web with the help of their teenage mentors.

Meet the Seniors

“This short video contains footage from our initial interviews with the seniors, before they even had their first lessons. Many of them were apprehensive, they didn’t want to fail and embarrass themselves. But they all had their reasons for giving it a shot, namely to reconnect with family who weren’t always around. The lesson I learned from meeting these seniors is it takes a lot of courage to say yes and try something new. They all took the plunge and whether they were successful or not in the end, they learned a lot along the way and had a great time.”


“During the first couple of lessons, we witnessed a series of “ah hah” moments. The seniors’ eyes would light up and they would lean in close to the computer screen with awe each time they discovered something new. The introduction to YouTube really brought some of the seniors out of their shells, we even witnessed a few sing-a-longs! This video is a compilation of some of those first moments, when the seniors realized all the magic the Internet can bring.”

What is Facebook?

“This was one of our first days on set. We were introducing the program to a group of seniors and trying to drum up some interest. I was immediately struck by the huge generational differences between the teenagers and senior citizens, and how comical these differences could be. While trying to offer helpful explanations, the students were overwhelming the seniors by giving far too much information on topics they had never heard of. I feared that this initial meeting would turn the seniors off the idea entirely. Thankfully, the seniors still signed up and gave the program a chance.”

Common Computer Mistakes Made By Seniors

“About half way through filming, we shot some interviews with the student mentors to see what they had learned so far. They had many positive things to say about their newfound friendships with the seniors, but the humour really came from the common frustrations they all had. They playfully vented about the seemingly simple computer-related tasks the seniors still could not grasp. Evidently, we had tons of footage relating to these struggles as they happened in lessons, so I decided to throw together this montage of the common computer mistakes seniors face.”