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A humorous and heart-warming documentary directed by Saffron Cassady

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Pledge your time to help a senior in your community learn to use technology today by filling out the form below or by logging in with Facebook. Tell us how and who you want to help get online and you will become eligible for a monthly draw for a $50 Amazon gift card!Your commitment will help build stronger communities by eliminating the digital divide and connecting generations! 

Latest Press

‘Cyber-Seniors’ is fun look at seniors bridging digital divide

Affable and optimistic, the Canadian documentary "Cyber-Seniors" depicts the efforts of enterprising teenagers to get a technology-averse older generation to sign on, log in and start friending.

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The Internet Isn’t Just For The Young

Early in the documentary “Cyber-Seniors,” you might find yourself saying, “Ugh, are they really going to make me watch octogenarians poke fruitlessly at laptops for 75 minutes?”

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Cyber-Seniors Will Make You Want to Accept That Friend Request from Grandma

Advancing global communication has been a mantra of the social media age, but with technology blitzing forward so rapidly, many older citizens are more alienated than ever.

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Students Help Seniors Bridge The Digital Generation Gap

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