Back from Texas!!! Thank you FCCLA.

Hi Guys,

We have just returned from San Antonio, Texas and the FCCLA National Leadership Conference. For those unfamiliar with the FCCLA, they are the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. We were invited to present a workshop to a group of youth members about the Cyber-Seniors program and were very lucky to have been able to speak to many of the 7,000 people in attendance. We managed to get a lot of interest and excitement around the program and we hope that this partnership will lead to great growth in the Cyber-Seniors Campaign. We have already seen great results from our presence at the conference; in two short days we received over 400 new pledges.


Here are some of the pledges we received:

“I pledge to talk to my local old folks home and church group about starting a program in our community.”

“I pledge to get iPads into local elderly homes to help improve memory.”

“I pledge to teach my mom how to shop on Amazon.”

“I pledge to create a network for seniors in my hometown.”

If you believe in making a difference, remember to Take the Pledge yourself!

We even got a bunch of kids hashtagging #cyberseniors on instagram.



All in all it was a great couple of days, so thank you to all the FCCLA members who came to see us!

The Cyber-Seniors Documentary Team

P.S. Texas is not the only place on our radar. Next week we will be in Washington, DC, doing a private screening at The Motion Picture Association of America, in support of Project GOAL. This is another great chance to spread the word about the program and film. Then, after that we head to Kansas City for a special screening for Google Fibre.


Upcoming Screenings:


Stromsburg Civic Center

401 E 4th Street

July 15


Roxy Saskatoon

320 20th St W

July 19-20 at 1 PM


Rainbow Cinemas Golden Mile

3806 Albert Street

July 25-31 at 4 PM