Be a Part of a Cyber-Seniors Program!

Hey Friends,

For those of you in Canada, Happy Canada Day!!!

Last week we were in Vancouver at the Kiwanis Care Centre. We were there to screen Cyber-Seniors and to aid them in launching their very own Cyber-Seniors program. Best Buy‘s Geek Squad, our partner in this venture, donated tablets and computers to the home and now, along with their help, the Kiwanis Care Centre will be getting seniors online. We had a great time meeting with all the prospective participants and the youth mentors and we wish them the best of luck with their program. We hope to get many updates along the way, to keep up with how the seniors and teens are doing.

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Partnerships like the one with Best Buy and Kiwanis are what make Cyber-Seniors Programs possible. We want to get as many seniors online and as many people involved in this movement. So, do not forget, if you are interested in either starting or volunteering at an already existing program we have tons of resources available to you. Simply go to our Get Involved tab to learn more AND don’t forget the most important and easiest step of all, TAKE THE PLEDGE.


We hope you’ve had a great start to your week,

The Cyber-Seniors Program Team

Upcoming Screenings:


Mayfair Theatre

1074 Bank Street
Friday July 4th at 4:45PM Saturday July 5th at 6:15PM Sunday July 6th at 3:45PM Monday July 7th at 6:15PM Tuesday July 8th at 4:30PM


Stromsburg Civic Center

401 E 4th Street

July 15



Roxy Saskatoon

320 20th St W

July 19-20 at 1 pm


Rainbow Cinemas Golden Mile

3806 Albert Street

July 25-31 at 4:00PM