Best of the Week

Here’s a look at our top 4 social media posts for the week of June 27th to July 1st, 2016.

1)Ever wondered how the ‪#‎CyberSeniors‬ program began? Meet the founders, Kascha & Macaulee as they share about what inspired them!

2)Everyone is ‪#‎onlinedating‬ these days. No matter your
  age, we all have standards and this 70-year-old is 
  not taking any bull.
3)Is it possilbe to form a friendship when 70 year 
  seperates you? Henri and Ellard proved that it is. 13599971_1207102042642610_1239813027478141065_n
4)The best friend tag on a whole new level with 
  90-year-old BFFs These two bffs talk about 
  friendship ‪#‎bestfriendtag‬