Cyber-Seniors to launch new online portal soon

Exciting Cyber-Seniors program update!

Development is currently underway on our BRAND NEW Cyber-Seniors online web portal, thanks to the sponsorship of Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota. Using a yearly subscription-based model, this portal will include a robust mentor training program with training videos, quizzes and activities for youth mentors; a community service hour tracking system; an extensive library of senior-centric content and resources that seniors can use independently or with their youth mentors;  program pre- and post-surveys with the ability to receive reports on your specific location and the impact the Cyber-Seniors program is making with seniors and mentors; streaming rights to Cyber-Seniors documentary, discounts, awards and MUCH MORE! Our offer for a 6-month free trial has ended. If you are interested in early bird membership pricing of $100/year, please email