Exciting Events: FCCLA & Ottawa!

Hey Guys,

Happy Independence Day to our American followers, we hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Speaking of the United States, we will be heading down there this weekend. We are going to San Antonio, Texas for the FCCLA National Leadership Conference. We are very excited to have been invited to attend and to present at their. We will be doing a presentation for around 6,000 people, which is a bit scary but we are very happy to be able to speak to so many people. We are hoping to garner a lot of interest in the program and get more youth out there teaching seniors.

Soar Color 

Bringing things back to our home, Canada; our Ottawa screenings start today! We will be screening in Ottawa for the next five days and we keep reminding you guys because we want as many of you to get out to see the film as possible. If you are interested, go, and why not bring your parents or grandparents along with you. It’s a great time for all and hopefully a great inspiration for all.


The Cyber-Seniors Documentary Team 




Mayfair Theatre

1074 Bank Street
Friday July 4th at 4:45PM Saturday July 5th at 6:15PM Sunday July 6th at 3:45PM Monday July 7th at 6:15PM Tuesday July 8th at 4:30PM


Stromsburg Civic Center

401 E 4th Street

July 15



Roxy Saskatoon

320 20th St W

July 19-20 at 1 pm


Rainbow Cinemas Golden Mile

3806 Albert Street

July 25-31 at 4:00PM