Fall 2016 Campaign Sheet

Campaign Sheet Download: Fall 2016 Campaign Sheet


Cyber-Seniors Community Cohorts

(September – December 2016)

Cyber-Seniors is looking to expand the reach of Cyber-Seniors programs throughout the United States. This initiative is designed to connect caring young people to older adults, in an effort to reduce social isolation through the use of today’s technology. Though young people are comfortable with new technologies and willing to share what they know with older adults, they do not always have the tools or infrastructure to enable them to do so.

Cyber-Seniors provides a turnkey program, which serves as a premiere technology training for youth and seniors. We are considering expanding the pilot will to an additional 20 communities (25 total) across the United States. The Cyber-Seniors program helps reduce social isolation that can be experienced by older adults, by teaching skills that help them stay connected to family, friends and community; as well as other pertinent information that can be accessed online such as health and wellness, and banking information.


Project Goals:

  • To deliver a sustainable, results-focused Cyber-Seniors program over 8 weeks in each cohort community.
  • To provide greater measurements on impact to volunteers and participants.
  • To demonstrate and raise awareness about the positive impact of “Cyber-Seniors” on youth, older adults, and communities through media/social media using videos, photos, testimonials.

What’s in it for You?

  • Receive a micro grant to subsidize administrative costs of your program
  • Receive promotional swag goodies and obtain eligibility to enter select draws and contests
  • Valuable media and social media exposure for your organization
  • A new and impactful volunteer opportunity for youth to collect community service hours
  • An opportunity for older adults who may suffer from disconnect to the outside world to find new freedom online and discover new ways of communicating.
  • A chance to bridge the digital divide and help develop positive relationships between the elder and youth populations


As part of this pilot, Cyber-Seniors will provide the following support:

Planning: Hold intake meetings over the phone with the program lead and partners to establish clear goals and expectations, review program needs and existing local resources, and identify current senior and youth populations.

Materials: Provide Cyber-Seniors Educational DVD package, Participant Handbooks and electronic templates of flyers, posters, and sign-up sheets.

Training: Provide training modules delivered in-person and/or via web meeting, on techniques for mentoring older adults and will receive a training booklet that can be used during mentoring sessions.

Management: Provide regular outreach to leads and assist in successful implementation and delivery of the program. Students will have access to an online portal to track volunteer hours and be entered into scholarships and other drawings.

Evaluation: Provide program lead with pre and post surveys to administer to their group. We will then collect and analyze the data received and share findings with each cohort in hopes of expanding the program with an opportunity for future funding following the eight weeks.

Financial and In Kind Support: Provide a micro grant to each cohort location to off-set program fees incurred and promotional swag to be used as incentives for program participants (i.e. selfie sticks, headphones, t-shirts, water bottles and more). Will share future opportunities for additional financial support and student scholarships/prizes with each cohort.


Cohort Communities will be required to:

Recruitment: Arrange recruitment of youth mentor volunteers and interested senior participants that can commit to an 8-week program of a one hour weekly session (minimum of 20 participants).

Scheduling & Monitoring: Identify program lead(s) to arrange weekly program schedule and oversee the sessions.

Distribution of Evaluation: Administer pre and post surveys to all participants and mentors on the FIRST and LAST session to assist with measuring the impact of the program.

Provide Updates: Have the program lead attend a monthly call to provide updates of progress, anecdotal evidence, challenges and best practices.


If interested in signing up your school, university/college, assisted living facility or community group to join the Cyber-Seniors Cohorts this September, please email our team at info@cyber-seniors.ca sharing with us the following:

  • Information about yourself and your role in the community
  • Any existing relationships with schools/senior living facilities/volunteer organizations in your community
  • Why you feel your community could benefit from this type of program
  • Whether you are available to run the program in the fall of 2016


Thank you very much for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


The Cyber-Seniors Team