Grandparents Day – One Week Away!

National Grandparents Day is one week from today and this year we want to make Grandparents Day really special. Grandparents Day is all about showing our appreciation and recognizing the important roles our Grandparents play in our lives. So, it’s a really great day to pay a visit to your Grandparents and if you live far away and can’t, get someone to set them up on Skype and see them that way.


It’s also a good day to show your love for all the Grandparents, not just your own! You can show your appreciation by making a Tutorial Video aimed at older adults and submitting it to our tutorial contest. We want to create as many resources as possible for older adults to get online and we feel these videos could be really beneficial to them. So enter your submissions here and check out other people submissions as well.


Lastly we are happy to announce that our educational DVD package is now available for pre-orders (to schools and institutions). The educational version features a 2 disc set, including the full-length film and the 52-minute educational version and a lesson and discussion guide for in class use. The Cyber-Seniors film brings forth themes of volunteerism, leadership, ageism, life-long learning and bridging generation gaps. We believe that youth would benefit and enjoy the lessons that our initiative and film teach. Contact us for more information.


We hope that you’ve had a wonderful Summer,

The Cyber-Seniors Documentary Team