How to Get Involved!

Hi Friends,


We want to make a difference in the life of seniors and we want you to help us do that! Here are some ways you can get started in helping us out:

Take the Pledge

We want to inspire youth (around the globe) to reach out to an older adult and teach them a cyber-skill. Anyone who TAKES THE PLEDGE becomes eligible for monthly prizes! Please share this link with schools, youth groups and with the young people in your life.


Get Involved

If you are an organization seeking volunteers and participants for an existing program or are looking to start a Cyber-Seniors program inyour community be sure to register your organization so others can find you. Once you register we will list you on our website and youth and seniors in your area will be able to find you.


Find or Request a Screening of Cyber-Seniors

This is where you will find all of our upcoming screenings and where you can send us a message to request a screening in your community. Organizing a screening is a great way to get people in your community on board and excited about a Cyber-Seniors program.


If you are still thirsty for more information on the program and how to get involved, you are in luck! Next month, on August 12th, we will be doing a Webinar. Anyone can join us, here is the link to register:

The Cyber-Seniors Documentary Team


P.S. Check out this funny voicemail Annette left for us last week.


Voicemails From Annette. Episode 1