Learning Center

Welcome to the ‘Cyber-Seniors Learning Center’.


As of September 5, 2017 we have launched a brand new website that offers hundreds of resources for students, senior citizens, educators and senior care organizations wishing to participate in, or start a Cyber-Seniors program.


These expanded resources are offered through membership in Cyber-Seniors and support the continued expansion of Cyber-Seniors programs throughout the world.


If you have purchased one of the Cyber-Seniors “3-Disc” or “2-Disc” DVD packages we would like to offer you a one-year FREE Membership, which includes all the education resources included in your original purchase and more.


To take advantage of this offer send us an email with the password you were provided with your purchase to info@cyberseniors.org . If you have misplaced your password provide us with your name, address and type or method of purchase, and we will attempt to retrieve your order from our records.



To proceed to our new website click here.