Jon’s VOD Review: “Cyber-Seniors” is Optimistic to a Fault

We’ve all seen those hilarious YouTube videos with senior citizens unknowingly doing something out of character or contemporary. If I were to ask my own grandparents if they’d like to go “viral,” they would probably look at me and wonder why I asked them if they wanted to get sick. There is an obvious generational gap that can sometimes be funny, but Cyber-Seniors knows that it is no laughing matter.

Saffron Cassaday starts documenting a new program, where high school students help senior citizens figure out the basics from turning on the computer, to emailing and Facebooking, to even setting up a dating website. Many of them have absolutely no knowledge about technology made past the 1990s, so the kids have a tough task ahead of them. Luckily, they have very receptive students. Once they learn the basics, they set up a friendly competition between the people in the program to see which of their YouTube videos gets the most hits. While all of this is happening, Cassaday is also filming her own family’s struggle as they battle cancer on two fronts.

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