MD Youngsters Teach Elders a ‘Thing or Two’ about Tech

BALTIMORE, Md. – “If you need help with your computer, ask a kid.”

That may be a joke on the Internet, but the American Association of Retired Persons is taking it seriously by partnering the non-tech savvy with high school students in Maryland. At one recent event, about 80 students helped 80 seniors with technology questions. Mike Kulick, digital communications specialist at AARP Maryland, says it doesn’t take long for seniors to navigate their devices when they have a young coach by their side.

“Youth can teach folks about how to get onto a computer,” says Kulick. “Also to connect to Facebook and some of the other social media sites, and how it can really change their lives.” Kulick says youth also learn a thing or two at the events by getting to know an older person they wouldn’t have normally encountered.

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