T-Shirt Survey & The Academy of Motion Picture Library

Hello all,

Cyber-Seniors is designing new T-Shirts that we plan to sell on our website. Since the shirts are to be sold we want to make sure that their design is something that our fans will love. So, we’ve created an online survey. This survey is quick and easy to do. All we ask of you is to select the designs you like. We would love your feedback and support – Click Here to fill out the survey.


In other news we were asked by the Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science (the same Academy that gives out little golden sculptures as awards for film achievements) to provide the transcripts to our film and we accepted. That means that the Academy now has the transcripts of Cyber-Seniors in its permanent Core Collection. This collection is made accessible for research purposes; students, filmmakers, and writers are among the regulars. This is pretty cool and exciting for us; we wanted to share it with you. 


The Cyber-Seniors Documentary Team

P.S. the tutorial contest is still open, submit your entries here.