Teaching Tutorial Competition!

Hi Guys,

If you didn’t already know, Cyber-Seniors is running a tutorial contest! What we want you to do is create a two minute teaching tutorial aimed at an older adult, teaching them a tech skill. You can teach them how to send an email, how to Skype, you could even teach them how to use Snapchat! The possibilities are endless and we encourage you to put your own personal spin on it, don’t be afraid to get creative! This competition is open to FCCLA members only, FOR NOW.

The FCCLA tutorial competition ends on August 15th and there are some really great prizes for winning; you can check them out on our Competition Page! Winners will be announced September 1st.

Now, although the competition is only for FCCLA members right now, if you are NOT a member, you can still submit a tutorial and be eligible for other prizes, for which the winners will be announced later this year.

Do not wait to submit, DO IT NOW, the contest page is officially OPEN!!! You can go to this link – http://cyberseniorsdocumentary.com/contest/ and submit your entry; you can also watch the submissions here.

All contest winners will be chosen by a panel of Cyber-Seniors.


We look forward to seeing your videos,

The Cyber-Seniors Documentary Team

P.S. Check out Anette and Henri’s Selfie tutorial for inspiration!
Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 4.07.17 PM