Updates and Upcoming Events.

Hi Guys,

Tomorrow is the last day we will be screening in Toronto. We have a had a great run in Toronto, at both the Carlton Cinema and the Kingsway Theatre. The film was only supposed to run one week at the Carlton but because of demand it ended up playing a total of four weeks in Toronto. It is great to see such support of our film, especially in the city where we reside. We’ve said it many times, but once again, thank you!

Besides theatre screenings, we have a couple of exciting events coming our way. First, we will be at the FCCLA National Leadership Conference, where we will be talking to youth about the Cyber-Seniors Program and getting them involved. After that we will be in Washington D.C. for the Get Older Adults onLine Event. There, we will be doing a private reception and screening, and hopefully making some strong connections for future partnerships.


Have a wonderful day,

The Cyber-Seniors Documentary Team

P.S. There is wisdom that comes with getting older and from our experience a great sense of humour too. That is why we started Cyber-Seniors Corner, a Youtube channel for seniors to share their wisdom, talent, humour, and experiences with the world!
Check out some of the great videos made by seniors, and if you know a senior who you think is great, why not make your own video?

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Upcoming Screenings:


Mayfair Theatre

1074 Bank Street
Friday July 4th at 4:45PM Saturday July 5th at 6:15PM Sunday July 6th at 3:45PM Monday July 7th at 6:15PM Tuesday July 8th at 4:30PM


Stromsburg Civic Center

401 E 4th Street

July 15



Roxy Saskatoon

320 20th St W

July 19-20 at 1 pm


Rainbow Cinemas Golden Mile

3806 Albert Street

July 25-31 at 4:00PM