Vancouver Kiwanis Care Centre here we come!

Hi Guys,

Tomorrow we are heading to Vancouver to visit Tatiana Fortin, a North Vancouver student and regular Kiwanis Care Centre (KCC) volunteer. Tatiana is interested in starting her own Cyber-Seniors program so we are going to help her do just that. We found out about Tatiana back in May when a local Vancouver newspaper posted this article about her:

Tatiana’s regular visits to the KCC have made her realize the isolation many seniors face in their later years. It is her goal to do whatever she can to stop the isolation and what better way than to set up her own Cyber-Seniors program. It’s students like Tatiana that make a difference in the lives of seniors, so we are more than happy to help and assist in getting her program up and running. 

The Cyber-Seniors Documentary Team

3030 Bloor St West
June 20-26 at 6:15 PM
1049 Ponce De Leon Ave NE
June 20-26 at 7 PM
Cleveland Heights
2163 Lee Road
June 25th at 2 PM and June 26th at 7 PM
10337 82 Ave (Whyte Ave)
June 28-29 at  1PM