Welcome, New Cyber-Seniors Partners!

Hey Guys,

In order to spread the Cyber-Seniors Campaign we rely heavily on the support of partners. Our partners are individuals and organizations that either: already have a program, or are looking to start their own. This week we have four new partners and we would like to welcome and thank them by telling you a little bit about them and what they hope to accomplish in their communities.

Barbara Sabatini, from Wilmington NC, is an individual who is looking for help to start a Cyber-Seniors program. She is looking for anyone in the Wilmington area that has space, equipment or is interested in also getting involved.

Elmhurst Public Library, in Elmhurst IL, offers a number of technology classes that are open to the public. They are still however looking for partners to help them start a class dedicated to teaching seniors how to get online.

UrbanArts, is a non-profit Community Arts Council focused on enhancing neighbourhoods by engaging youth in community development through the arts in Toronto. They are excited to offer space to start a Cyber-Seniors program.

Qualicare, which has 24 locations in Canada and the US, is looking to explore the idea of the Cyber-Seniors program in all of their locations as a way to bridge age gaps in communities.

If you are interested in helping out in any of these communities, click on them to be linked to their websites, or sign up as a partner on our website and we can help link you.


The Cyber-Seniors Documentary Team