What are your plans for Grandparents Day?

Dear Friends,

National Grandparents day is quickly approaching, in fact it is just over a month away. How are you going to celebrate on September 7th?

Well, we have a few ideas for you! Why not host a national grandparents day event in your community. Use it as an opportunity to get started on a Cyber-Seniors program in your community. Here are some event ideas… 

Host a Cyber-Seniors screening. This is a sure fire way to get interest rumbling in your community, invite your friends and family and encourage everyone to bring along their grandparents. This is a great start to connecting generations in your community.

Another way you can celebrate the day is to go into a retirement home, local community centre or library and present the Cyber-Seniors program to them. Just go to our website download our customizable PowerPoint presentation and Videos and get ready to give a great presentation. There are also Training Manuals available for free download!

As you know by now we are committed to providing anyone interested with the necessary tools and knowledge needed to start or participate in Cyber-Seniors programs. Well, if you have been looking for a way to get all this information and also connect and ask us questions in real time, you are in luck. On August 12th we will be participating in a Webinar presented by ‘Grantmakers in Aging‘.  Brenda Rusnak, the producer of Cyber-Seniors and Lisa Marsh Ryerson, the CEO of AARP Foundation, will be talking about the film and the program  and will be presenting information on how you can get involved. They will also be answering any questions you may have.  IF you are interested, click here to register for this FREE webinar. 


The Cyber-Seniors Documentary Team

P.S. Behold the 2nd instalment of ASK ANNETTE: Where Cyber-Senior Annette answers all of YOUR questions and offers a Tip Of The Week!
Got a question for Annette? You can ask by commenting on this video, and she will be sure to respond in next weeks video! 🙂

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Upcoming Events & Screenings:

On July 25 Bay Area seniors, check out San Francisco Public Library’s Senior Tech ExpoIt will include a preview of Cyber-Seniors.


Rainbow Cinemas Golden Mile

3806 Albert Street

July 26th & 27th at 4pm.

San Francisco

Roxie Theatre

3116 16th Street

August 5th at 7pm


The Campus Theatre

413 Market Street

August 6th


Bay Club

1301 N Tamiami Trail

August 15 at 4pm