You’re never too old, or too young, to volunteer

Besides the obvious good intention of giving back, volunteering has been proven to provide many more benefits to a person’s life, whether they are 16 or 76! Here a few findings that writer, Sarah Stevenson shared online with Reasons Seniors Should Volunteer their Time.

It bridges the generation gap
Although, we see a greater push in youth to volunteer these days, the importance for seniors to get involved and volunteer their time is very important and impactful also. It helps the older generation feel better connected to their communities by being able to share their special talents and skills across the generational divide.

It helps to ward off Alzheimer’s and attributes to good mental health
Numerous studies have shown that volunteering can help the body and brain remain active, assisting in overall cognitive health.

It helps prevent senior isolation/depression.
According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, individuals who volunteer, feel a greater life purpose, handle stress better and have a lower rate of depression.

Promotes healthy physical activity
No matter what organization you choose to volunteer with, getting up and being active helps to maintain a healthy level of physical fitness which helps to fight off injury, disease and dementia.

Whether it be volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, for a community bake sale, or local soup kitchen, we all have something to share that can bring joy to someone’s life, not to mention, a little joy to our own lives as well. J