Web Junkie and Cyber Seniors reviews: Young and old down the Internet rabbit hole

“Hello YouTube.”

That’s how many of the adorable elders greet their webcams in Cyber Seniors, a light and heartwarming documentary shot in Toronto, which follows a group of young mentors teaching older people how to get online to use Facebook, YouTube and other Internet tools.

The young vs. old culture clash is really what to come for, and both groups — the young mentors and their senior protégés — include delightful characters who get in their share of quips. The smart focus here is on the people and their reactions, rather than what’s on the screens.

There is nothing earth-shattering here, but it is enough to make you feel bad if you have ever gotten short-tempered while doing technical support for your parents and grandparents. The teenaged mentors are patient and helpful while the seniors are often wry.

The best people to show this movie to are reluctant older folks who may be encouraged by how some of these 90-year-olds take to technology.

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